Sacred Prayer Wheel or Sacred Meditation Wheel

"The Gateway to the Illumined Mind"

The sacred prayer wheel, or sacred meditation wheel, has been made famous by James Twyman at the Beloved Community and is said to come directly from Yeshua (Jesus) himself as a tool for opening the illumined mind.

Each of the spokes on the wheel represents a different lesson. These lessons include Abundance, Agape, Certainty, Clarity, Compassion, Courage, Depth, Generosity, Joy, Patience, Understanding, and Wisdom, which are same inspirational words available for placement on the Wooden Genesa Crystals.

These lessons are contained in the Spiritual Peacemaking Course that was offered by James Twyman and is available through the Beloved Communities website at

The spokes are also aligned with the Native American Medicine Wheel, pointing to sacred sites around the world. The spaces between the spokes are representative of the 12 major religions on earth. The wheel itself is representative of the unity or oneness of mankind with all that is.

How To Use the Sacred Prayer Wheel

Gazing at the prayer wheel is thought to open the doorways of your mind to bring about enlightenment. It is said to open one-third of Christ Consciousness, making it a fascinating tool for use as a focal point for meditation.

Begin by gazing at the wheel in a meditative state. Relax and breathe deeply. After just a few minutes of gazing, many people report seeing the various shapes come to the forefront. First you might see squares and then triangles then stars. You may begin to see the energetic field within the wheel. Many people report that within minutes of gazing, the wheel begins to spin, often followed by a veritable rainbow of colors. This spinning is thought to be opening of the third eye, allowing for the activation of the Christ Consciousness. Once the wheel begins to spin, relax and allow the sensations to vibrate through you.

The design of the Sacred Prayer Wheel is very similar to the 12 also holds the triangle and circle in the middle. It is one of the most difficult designs to make that we offer and also one of the most beautiful to look at. It is great as a decoration or as a serious tool for meditation. It comes in a variety of sizes and is available both framed or unframed. It makes beautiful and functional artwork for your walls, whether in your home or office.

The prayer wheel is available inside a Genesa Crystal. By placing the Prayer Wheel inside of a Genesa Crystal, the intentions of opening the illumined mind are held and magnified throughout creation.

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