Pentaspheres: A Portal for Angels

A pentasphere is similar in shape to a Genesa Crystal except it uses 6 rings instead of four. In so doing, a completely different sacred geometric shape is created. The outer circle remains in the shape of a sphere, but the inner spaces are shaped in pentagons and triangles, instead of squares and triangles, making for an exceptionally powerful tool and a beautiful work of art.

With the change in shape, also comes a shift in its essential purpose. While the Genesa crystal, which represents life at the third cell division where all possibilities exist, is known to balance energies and amplify intention, the pentasphere adds the 5th element, which is spirit or life itself. In so doing, the pentasphere can be used to assist in astral travel while keeping the body safely anchored to the earth plane. The very shape of the pentasphere itself represents the stability of life and may play a role in maintaining eternal youth, ultimately assisting in the ascension process.

The pentasphere itself represents the womb of all humanity, where we can reach out from our humanselves to touch the infinite and see that all things are one. Because the pentasphere combines the powerful forces of the sphere (where all possibilities exist), the triangle (which represents the trinity of mind, body, and spirit and which brings stability to all things), and the pentagon (which represents humanity, consciousness, and life itself), it brings with it a tremendous amount of power.

Because of its powerful properties, the pentasphere acts as a portal for spirit and is also known to attract angels and fairies to your home or garden.

The Pentasphere also appears to hold tremendous healing properties, with reports of spontaneous healing in its presence. While one would use a Genesa Crystal to cleanse, balance, and amplify energy, one would use a Pentasphere to ground energy for healing or spiritual adventure.

Currently, we may be the only ones in the world currently making the pentasphere available to style the general public though the internet. It is one of those amazing works of geometric art that pictures can not do justice. While its beauty is such that it can take your breath away, it is the magnetic field that seems to encompass it and surround it that really draws you in. More than a conversation piece that will have your friends asking plenty of questions, it is one of those few precious items that will maintains its place in your heart years after you purchase it.

At present, custom designs are being created for the Pentasphere including the placement of a Merkaba inside. If you are interested in a custom design, let us know and we’ll see what we can put together for you.

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