Are you seeking a deeper understanding of the world around you? Are you ready to be transported to other dimensions? Are you ready to activate your own Merkaba to prepare for the coming earth changes? If so, then now is the time to begin working with this amazingly powerful tool.

What is a Merkaba?

The Merkaba is the energy field that exists around every living thing in the Universe. It is the divine light body and is used by the masters to connect with and travel within higher dimensional realms. When the Merkaba is activated, the individual is in a place of complete protection, generated by the unconditional love of the Universe. It is, in essence, an interdimensional vehicle, otherwise known as “The Vehicle of Light.”

Simply put, the Merkaba (or Merkabah), is the divine light vehicle used to connect with the higher realms. It is mentioned in one form or another in most or all of the ancient texts, usually in reference to ascension. The Merkaba also plays an important role in holding our energy fields together. Once activated, you will be able to keep your memories intact and there will be no breaks between lifetimes. In other words, it is the key to immortality.

Why activate the Merkaba?

It is especially important right now as the earth prepares to go through another magnetic pole shift. If the earth does shift poles as predicted in 2012, the magnetic field around the earth will collapse (interestingly both predictions and science expect it to take 3 days and 3 nights). During that time, humans will go through tremendous changes. Because our memories are stored in the energy body that surrounds our physical body, the maintenance of that electromagnetic field is critical to the maintenance of our memories. In the case of a magnetic pole shift, it is expected that these electromagnetic fields will be reversed and that for many, this will mean a permanent loss of memory as the information stored in the energy fields will be erased (its kind of like wiping the memory on your hard drive–once its gone, its just gone).


Those who have the Merkaba activated, however, will be protected. Because the Merkaba holds the electromagnetic fields around the body in place, the magnetic field around the earth are not essential to the maintenance of memories. These people will not only survive the pole shift, they will flourish in the “new age.” It is important to know, however, that each person who has activated the Merkaba has the ability to lift not just themselves, but hundreds or even thousands of people with them, sometimes carrying the energy of entire soul families. If enough of us come together to activate our light bodies (and become “light workers”), we have the ability to literally shift the entire planet into a new age of consciousness, making this work more important than we know.

What products are available?

At the Self-Health and Awareness Center, we offer several different types of Merkaba designs for sale. Each one is hand-made in copper by artisan Joseph Fielder.

Genesa Crystal with Rotating Merkaba

This is currently the only place in the world where you can get this highly original work of art. The Genesa crystal contains within it a Merkaba that rotates on an axis. Placing the Merkaba inside the Genesa Crystal magnifies the intentions of activating the Merkaba to connect with the higher dimensional realms, while grounding the intentions and adding a degree of safety. Simply having a Genesa Crystal with Rotating Merkaba in your home or office sends a signal of intention to the universe. Its mere presence in your life opens doorways to ascension and offers high levels of protection.

This powerful tool is also recommended for pranic breathing and meditations, many of which are available from such spiritual teachers such as Almine and Melchizedek. To use the Genesa with Merkaba during meditation, simply place it in your hands during meditation or put it near you. (The 12″ Genesa crystal extends outward for 1 mile in every direction so it does not have to be in your direct presence to have value in your meditations). If you want, you can spin the Merkaba as you start your meditation and breathe your intentions into it. You can place it on the table in front of you or hold it in your hands. It is also a powerful focal point for your meditation or can be used to visualize the Merkaba while you do your meditations.

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